Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekend Video Pleasure With ICN News

Gonna change it up a little and stick with a business vid. This one is worth seeing. You see, real honest news reporting is hard to come by these days given that the government controls everything but the internet (give them time - they'll get to us soon enough). CNBS's viewership is plummeting and maybe they can take a lesson from Informed Citizen News (ICN). this tiny little YouTube based reporting agency get's it right with statements like this, "Growing GDP is not hard when you are printing money. Just look at Zimbabwe." Good honest reporting. You'll love this one.

You see, this is ICN report is worth watching and actually reports the truth. If CNBS were to report on real issues like these opposed to the piles of green shoot shit they feed us daily, CNBS might just pull their ass out of the gutter. That is highly unlikely to happen though as the government's number one financial propaganda machine's parent is stuck to the government tit and can't report the truth without throwing mama under the bus. The disservice they are doing to their ever declining viewership can not be overstated. Please turn them off. I suggest Bloomberg radio, Zero Hedge, the market ticker and any of the blogs in my blogroll as viable alternatives.

If you would like to subscribe to ICN's channel on YouTube, the link is here. I did.

Have a great weekend!

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