Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hurricane Katrina - Revisited

Despite the markets actions the economic picture continues to paint a picture that looks like the Cat 5 hurricane is looming off shore. As each approaching band sweeps across the landscape another home is wiped out, another job is lost and all while the undertow slowly erodes what's left of the financial foundation of this country.

Sadly we did not have an early warning system set up for this catastrophe. Apparently all the buoys in the world could not see this storm coming. You see, the transponders had all been turned off allowing this storm to approach quietly, unsuspectingly. We all were punch drunk in the Fed's casino and at 4:35am when they shut down the credit window we were all SOL. We were not ready when the credit levies failed.

Then just as FEMA horribly mismanaged Katrina, the Fed, Treasury and current administration have screwed this recovery up as well. Instead of pulling the people from their flooded houses and getting them safe, they have taken all disaster relief to the TBTF's and left us to wade in the carnage, sewage and filth of crisis.

We have been left for dead while the city and the big businesses get saved first. We're stuck at the Super Dome and can't get out. All the bridges are out. There are no life lines and apparently communication to the government has been cut off. President Nagin (I mean Obama -sorry for that horrible unintentional reference) is more concerned about other things right now than helping the people of the country. The media coverage is focused on everything but the struggling individuals left to survive in more than adverse conditions. Pay no attention to the millions of unemployed swimming in the feces laden pool of debt that the TBTF's were allowed to create.

Recovery will be swift. We will rebuild. We have funds to get you back on your feet. Jobs will be created and all will be restored to normal. Meanwhile report to your local credit councilor and turn in your firearms. We're here to help.

Sadly we got screwed again. Only this time the country is being laid to waste and not just New Orleans. The levies are being rebuilt (bubble re inflation) and they will protect us from all future storms. Really, now? You will be able to return to your homes. Really, now? New Orleans will return to the once great city it once was. Really, now? Residents of New Orleans, your lives will return to normal soon.

Really, now?

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