Monday, September 14, 2009

Mind Boggling News Events Continue To Boggle The Mind

Let's start with the HufPo's Priceless: How The Federal Reserve Bought The Economics Profession. This one will blow your mind and is a must read. "Even the late Milton Friedman, whose monetary economic theories heavily influenced Greenspan, was concerned about the stifled nature of the debate. Friedman, in a 1993 letter to Auerbach that the author quotes in his book, argued that the Fed practice was harming objectivity: "I cannot disagree with you that having something like 500 economists is extremely unhealthy. As you say, it is not conducive to independent, objective research. You and I know there has been censorship of the material published. Equally important, the location of the economists in the Federal Reserve has had a significant influence on the kind of research they do, biasing that research toward noncontroversial technical papers on method as opposed to substantive papers on policy and results," Friedman wrote." ROF LMAO - they own 'em ALL. No one on the payroll or with any thought of advancing in the field will ever speak against them. the funniest part, how the 220 PHD's on staff all missed this one coming. Simply mind boggling.

The FT brings us, Court rejects SEC settlement with BofA Judge Rakoff holds serve and sends 'em to court in February of 2010. "In Monday’s order, Mr Rakoff wrote that the settlement “does not comport with the most elementary notions of justice and morality, in that it proposes that the shareholders who were the victims of the bank’s alleged misconduct now pay the penalty for that misconduct”." What is mind boggling about this one is that justice may actually be served and may be gaining momentum.

Calculated risk has Failed Banks and the Deposit Insurance Fund. this is a real gem that hits home to me. "The cumulative estimated losses for the DIF, since early 2007, are now over $42.5 billion.Regulators closed three more banks on Friday, and that brings the total FDIC insured bank failures to 92 in 2009. At the recent pace, regulators will probably close around 150 banks this year - the most since 1992." That is a mind boggling $42.5 billion they are now in the hole and possibly hundreds or thousands of more banks to fail? Heloooo?

And from - DAVID TICE: THE S&P IS GOING BELOW 400 You know I could not resist this one. "David Tice is undeterred by the 50% rally in stocks. In his latest interview he says the market will fall over 60%." There is a link to the full interview there. Nice to hear one realist out there with a mind boggling prediction the pundits at CNBS can not fatham.

And last but not least our friends at Zero Hedge dug this up at Bloomberg: China Probes ‘Unfair Trade’ in U.S. Chicken and Auto Products. Mind boggling to think that China is complaining about fair trade practices. "Chinese industries complain that they’re being hurt by “unfair trade practices,” the nation’s Ministry of Commerce said on its Web site yesterday. The dumping investigation relates to poultry alone, a spokesman said in Beijing today. The ministry didn’t specify the value of imports of the products."

GL trading.

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