Thursday, September 24, 2009


On the /ES - Some are looking at this as 1 of P3 (which I am not discounting). IMO this is 4 of C down (thus the ABC) with 5 to come. 5 of C up can truncate and thus resolve in a mass consolidation around these levels or it can run to a new high. Counting might get tough soon. I like the lower low! The only reservation I have with the ABC is lack of overall form or a larger definitive formation (triangle or wedge).

Note: No post tonight as I will be traveling to the flooded ATL for dinner.


  1. Here is a list of the money supply and their expiration dates. very interesting.

  2. Shanky:

    1. I agree with your main thesis, that there is one more leg up to go. Just didn't feel like bear capitulation.

    2. Fire Willie Martinez.

    Herschel Talker

  3. LOL Martinez MUST go, no matter how good a recruiter he must be. We have too much talent to be that bad. Richt will pray over it and not fire him. I'll call Damon and see if I can get the ball rolling. Hell, Bobo ain't that much better. Cox throws a MUCH BETTER ball and makes faster better decisions that Stafford ever did.


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