Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tom Brokaw Can Kiss My Butt (A Mini Rant)

In a must watch post for the ones that believe in disinformation practices. THE KING OF DISINFORMATION NBC attacks the bloggers and the Internet for spreading disinformation?

Brokaw, "There is so much disinformation out there that it is frightening. In a free society that depends on information to make informed decisions and this across the board access by the way....This is crazy."

You gotta be freaking kidding me that the parent of CNBS and the once mighty Tom Brokaw could be making this bogus statement. Excuse me, but you put fucking Cramer on TV and make this bullshit statement? Here is one bloggers opinion on your thought, get freaking lost and go back to retirement. Tom, I'd bet you don't even understand the information age IMO. I believe it blew past your old ass at 100mph, and you probably thought it was one of your farts. How's that for some disinformation.

Fucking bullshit I say. Tom, you did a great job in your day. You were my #1 nightly anchor when I used to watch the news on TV, but now you are basically calling all of us ignorant and incapable of making an informed decision. Why thank you, you god complexed ex anchor. I really appreciate what you did in your time, but now you can kiss my butt. Call me ignorant and ill informed and not capable of wiping my ass without help from a major network. Screw you!

So are you saying that you were able to lead the huddled IGNORANT masses all those years. Uh, OK, that says a lot for your accomplishments now, doesn't it? Now it is the internet's turn and they are stealing your viewers? What's the freaking difference, your shit does not stink and mine does? Listen, the propagandist bullshit that spews from your production rooms and the more than "truthful" advertising that support your bullshit programming is (along with ALL the other major media) the single greatest contributor to why we are a bunch of ill informed ignoramuses that can't make an informed decision you dip shit.

Guess what Tom, I got your quote off of a video on the Internet and I am making an informed decision from your words and that decision is that you and NBC and CNBC can all kiss off. I'll take my chances on the web.

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