Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekend Video Pleasure That Is Out Of This World!

Well, since we know that there are an estimated 100 billion stars in the average galaxy and there are and estimated 100 billion galaxies, then there is a good shot at other intelligent life out there. Now, on the other hand, time travel to get here is impossible on our terms, BUT if there is a civilization that is say one million years ahead of us technologically (not unreasonable in a universe that is 14 billion years old) who's to say they have not figured out a way to get to the blue planet?

I thought most of this footage was pretty good and not seen, so give it a try. Nothing to be afraid of. They blame this one on "thrusters and space dust". Hmmm, so we spend billions for them to go into space and train their cameras on moving space dust. OK, I can believe that.

Have a great weekend. Football and beer for me.

My favorite UFO vid of all time. Watch the object move to the left of the screen and stop. Then you see a flash of light. The object then retreats and something comes up from the earth at an amazing speed right where the object had stopped.

I also thought this one was pretty cool. Not sure if it has been debunked or not. Use the stop button to freeze the vid at the point where it takes off from 30 to 32 seconds.


  1. shank,

    ung 60 min chart, is that a wave 5 off the bottom? sorry if this is elementary but i am not an ew person

    also notice the bullish harami on the weekly

  2. WM - I'll check tomorrow and maybe do a post sat night. Had a bunch of stuff this week nor market related (tons of CE to complete) which took my eye off of the ball.

  3. S135 - LOL, you are a little behind the curve in getting to that conclusion. Hey, it is all about variety around here. How do you like the morning commentaries? Any changes needed?

  4. I read and appreciate you blog every day. Hard to inprove upon perfection!

    This P2 is one for the record books. Something has to come out of the blue to tip it. Perhaps one of your UFOs - Unidentified Financial Obamination.


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