Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Video Eddition

I'm slightly miffed about the market today, so here is something a little different. Just in case you have not seen these.... (doing my part to support CNBS - oops - not one CNBS clip here)

(Oh, I almost forgot, how bout that big volume day we had today!)

TIMMAAAY! gets Warrenized. Maybe we should call him Squirmaaay!

A little Obama SMACK DOWN please. From YouTube Rep. Joe Wilson shouted "You lie!" Uh, Joe, uh, will you please report to Rahm's office after the meeting. Dissent is coming folks. It will be on a street corner near you sooner than later I think.

From our friends at Bloomberg - Bond Outlook - Treasury Offerings Will Overpower Market. (Coming off the strong auction today! Just how long will it take the Fed buyback from the PD's to happen this time?)

Amother Bloomberg - Survey Says - Foreclosures Still Rising (and rising and rising)

Let me sneak in some CHANNEL MADNESS (Don't click on it. It is not a Vid)

And from YouTube one that you have most likely seen that I want stored here for prosperity (cause she's so HOT!) - DEBTORS REVOLT BEGINS NOW!

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  1. TIMMAAAY! (in South Park accent)!!
    I love it!!


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