Thursday, March 26, 2020

Morning Charts 03/26/2020 SPX

Travel day for STB. Headed to Athens to move LS1 out of his dorm. I was roughly 3 months from being an empty nester when this ‘virus’ hit. Now I’m moving one back home.

Everyone is tired of this shit. How bout and old school STB rant?

So, how bad is it to say tough it up. Live your life. Congratulations there is another threat on this planet to your existence. Have good hygiene and use common sense. Do your part to be part of the solution for the whole not yourself. We need to value US not me. It’s US that your kids and grandkids are not you. So, if you get this man made shit and die, tough shit. Reality sucks. We gotta get on with our shit for the whole, for us. If not, being fucked will have a whole new meaning.

The democrats, globalists and deep state NWO all want us dead. Wars have casualties. It’s time for a priority shift. Us, we, not fucking me is now the priority. Fucking grow a pair and say ‘we’re not gonna take it anymore’. Fuck the pc, sjw, proper pronoun soy fucks. Fuck the open border, immigration loving, give the farm away crowd that hate our lifestyle (that affords us the ability to take care of the rest of the world). It’s US that make the world work. Our generosity/taxes are the fuel. Without us it all goes to shit.

So take me out of the equation. It’s not about me, my precious little life. Yes, you have value. Yes, I’ll miss you when you’re gone. I’ll pray for you. Your little utopia ends. It’s your little utopia that’s the problem. But nothing stops for one minute after you die. Make the world a better place while you’re here for us. For the next generation. For the whole. If you get sick and die, sorry. The rest of us keep going. We can’t stop and destroy everything for the few. Where we go one we go all.

On to the lie -

Try this out.

If up 2650

If down 2200

Who the hell knows. If markets don’t like a $2T (with a T) spending bill screw em. Down to 2200 for the DCB to test support and the falling wedge breakout would technically be very good. 2400 (60m double ma support) and 2350 (possible falling channel 50% diagonal) are potential stopping points.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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