Thursday, March 12, 2020

Morning Charts 03/12/2020 SPX

Early post. At the beach. No way I make the morning call. Got my money’s worth with LS1 and some boys. Sucks getting old.

Uh, the futures are set to puke both lungs. Not really, but ... As in potential leave the 2k down day in the dust. Let’s see what the ppt has .. shall we. Game on. Shits getting good right about now. High fucking stakes poker. It’s a trippy thought. Think about the billions on the line tomorrow. The banks either counter the minis morning move down or 6k support less DOW points get exposed below 23.3k. Holy fuck. Fucking the abyss gets opened. What could happen in  the morning ... not saying it will, but the possibilities are insane. Like epic.

On to the lie -

Just watch 23k. They’ve controlled it to here. THERE IS ZERO SUPPORT TO 17k. FING ZERO. The old ATH double top at 14k is in play when 23goes. Can you tell I’m somewhat freaked about a scenario that’s unimaginable. They’re already rocking billions more in easing ... this is absolutely nuts. Who blinks? PPT and the Fed are up to bat to stop this if they choose. Guess what? They’ll have to do the same soon again. At what price? How much do they throw at it to stop the collapse? Or, do they lick their wounds at the bottom? Welcome to the show!

I’ll be around sometime.

GL and GB!

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