Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Morning Charts 03/25/2020 SPX

So, I’m like super positive about all this shit. We got this. Then I remember who we’re fighting and just how fucking ignorant one third of this country is (because of who we’re fighting). We can’t forget that the pelosis and newsoms don’t give a flying fuck about you or me. All they want is unlimited power. They want us enslaved. They’re globalists. They play for the other team. They want this country and it’s borders destroyed. We can’t forget that.

So, then I remember we got MAGA Man in the White House. Damn, I guess we aren’t the worlds doormat anymore. For those that wonder - Gee, now how did this virus spread to all these places naturally? Well, here’s your first proof it isn’t organic.

Trump is up to his neck in the most fucked up bullshit ever in DC, and he’s kicking ass. Every corner he turns there’s another land mine.

On to the lie -

This will sound like a lot to those that don’t know QE or repos.

I’ll stick with my call that we’re near a bottom, and the worst is behind us now. I’m gonna start looking at how and where to enter again. DCA will be used. I do believe we’re close to a bottom if you call another 20% of potential downside close. Heck, we could have set the bottom yesterday. The problem technically is that no charts longer than 60m are worth a crap cause all this happened in a flash. We’re basically in ONE MONTHLY CANDLE! Daily, weekly and monthly all you can look at are MAs and s/r. That’s it. So, the 60m falling wedge and breakout I called is all we got to go on. That’s insane.

I’m still trying to get you some Charts. Disqus - inside of MY BLOG is causing massive headaches with the way Google has rearranged the innerds of how things work behind the scenes. I’m not a technoloon. They’ve not made this simple. I’m working to fix it.

I’ll try and get you some useful numbers below of a like to my Charts when I’m ready to release it.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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