Monday, March 2, 2020

Morning Charts 03/02/2020

ZH a mess this morning with headlines all over the map, all negative too.

BP Pete Out. Trump touting Sanders getting screwed again stoking political fires.

Corona fears and hype are getting some serious backlash in the alt news. So much we don’t know. So many lies. If the death rate is >3% it’s a bad flu. As for the conspiracy surrounding it, always fascinating to see what gets dug up.

On to the lie -

Corona no matter how, whatever it is, will hit global supply. It’s gonna be a bad fear stoked event that will pass. We just have to survive the storm. I believe the backside will lead to some massive global restructuring and nationalism leading to investment and industry growth. It’s my guess this will be a huge positive and a globalist backfire.

DOW sub 23.3 is a support less mess down to 17 and 14k. The calls for a potential 50% haircut match worst case technical (as I see it) scenarios. Personally I’d love to see the old ATH double top back tested. Technically this would be very good for market technical stabilization. It would make things ... healthier, more .... real.

Turkey is pushing some buttons at a bad time. Maybe Trump will see the value in CIA puppet installed dictators. He can’t just fire other fuckheads that are fucking up his shit. Or maybe he has his own way of doing things, hopefully.

Bottom line is the msm is driving the left nuts. Personally I think Trump needs to go after this Ministry of Truth and take them out. The leftist, clickbait, propaganda pushing BS needs to stop now. To do this he’s got to stop the shadow government. Draining the swamp is nothing compared to this task. It would weaken them tremendously though.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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