Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Morning charts 05/30/12 $SPX

Gonna make it simple again this morning since I am still a bit behind charting for the holiday. Let's rip thru some Zero Hedge headlines and see just how confusing everything is right now.

"10Y Treasury yields just broke to new all-time record low yields (marginally lower than the 9/23 1.6714% previous lows) and while the 'rates-can't-go-any-lower' crowd perhaps have not looked at JGBs recently (as in the last decade) in price terms, 10Y Treasury Futures have gained 4.6% since 3/20 swing lows while the S&P 500 has lost 6.0%. On the bright side, at least the front-end isn't inverted yet...yet." 10 Year Treasury Yield Breaks To New All-Time Low | ZeroHedge

Not sure how many years I have been showing you this chart, but it tells the story -

I shared this with you earlier this week. Call the second time EMPHASIS. For those of you that doubt the bond markets ability to predict the future, don't. "It seems smart stock-holders are better informed than the bond buyers, USD usurpers, and Gold QE hopers for now... USD strength and Gold down hardly provide the Central-Bank-Largesse cover for stocks..." Smart, Sexy Stocks Again Know Something Bumbling Bonds And Dull Dollars Don't | ZeroHedge

On the mega bazooka howitzer bailout - Seems like the insolvents are tired of bailing out the insolvents - First ECB, Now China Says Has "No Plans For Massive Stimulus" | ZeroHedge. But wait! There is always the Fed and the US taxpayer! ECB Calls Spain's Bluff... Or Does It? And Did Europe Just Check To The Fed? | ZeroHedge

This brilliant idea was passed around a year or so ago but failed. It appears that the revolutionary idea of collateral may be gaining some traction as a new wave financial theory. They are kidding, right? How do you go from corrupt over leveraged fractal lending to some sort of asset backed scheme at this point in the game? Hell, everything is already owned and insured 50x over. Germany Has A Generous Proposal To The Broke PIIGS: "Cash For Gold" | ZeroHedge

Then there is this nugget. It may have some merit as we do have the largest supply of ink and paper on the planet and not enough brains to know when to stop using it. It is the old "as long as there are checks in the checkbook theory" (how American!) Guest Post: Safe Haven - Could U.S. Markets Rally In A Global Decoupling? | ZeroHedge That's right, the banksters and the MSM will try to make you believe as everything over there collapses, all the funds will move here in a desperate rush for safety and return. Good luck with that. All you will get out of this move will be a bull trap run and then everyone loses their shirt. (remember the bond market post from above?)

So are you thoroughly confused now? You should be. Bailouts and no bailouts and who's gonna print next and how large and when and printing issues and bank runs and blah, blah, blah.... The system is FUBAR at this point and all they can do is hang on now. They have lost control. They all know that one last big print will do no more than extend and pretend kicking the can another couple of months. STB recommends exit plans be in place if they are not already.

Monthly Cycle Chart - I think this is a really cool chart, so you get to see it again.

Minis 60m - All the points you need to know. 1310 red diag is your major key to the downside and 1341 to the upside. 1333 held so far.

GL and GB!

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