Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Afternoon Delight 05/01/12 - Strategic Relocation

After hearing the extensive excellent interview Alex Jones did today with Joel Skousen Chief Editor of world Affairs Brief and author of Strategic Relocation: North american Guide to Safe Places I thought I would share with you a recent interview AJ did with JS. Read about Joel here.

Some of you may think this is nuts and a bit far fetched. That's fine. All I have to say is it is better to have knowledge than not. If things go horribly wrong do you want to be huddled with the masses or have a safe route and a safe place to go? How's your home set up? What are the safest and most dangerous places after a total collapse or world war?

I suggest you listen carefully to this video and that you catch the replay of AJ's show today with JS as the guest. Fascinating stuff.

"It's easy to dismiss these threats during times of peace and prosperity but they are real, and the probably of such events coming to pass increases every year. Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places is an in-depth analysis you need to plan ahead and select the safest areas for you and your loved ones to live. The 3rd Edition features a complete, newly added section on foreign relocation possibilities plus individual analysis on every state and province in North America. The new color maps show military base locations, city population densities, terrain satellite images, private/public land availability, and much more. This book will help you look ahead for potential threats that most other people fail to see or choose to ignore. It contains a complete discussion of the strategies and relocation contingencies that will help you avoid or mitigate each of the major modern threats, from natural disasters to economic collapse to nuclear war. Strategic Relocation: North American Guide To Safe Places 

Secrets of Survival with Joel Skousen - YouTube

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