Monday, May 14, 2012

Afternoon Delight 05/14/12 -

OK, tomorrow is G day. To sticksave or not to stick save. I have a sneaky feeling some crony greedy ass bastard will come up with the cash to put off the bloodbath another month. When have they not in the last 4 years? If they don't, I'm leaving the desk and going to the grocery and hardware store to top off the supplies at home.

We here at STB always love to watch the smart money and today is no exception. White the equity traders chase alpha and greed drives their train, the bond traders calmly left the building. "No-Brainer Trade Of The Year" Plummets As Bondholders Duck Ahead Of Possible Greek Bankruptcy Tomorrow | ZeroHedge. If the bond traders are wrong, the cover and subsequent ramp in equities will be tremendous. Caution is advised on both sides of the trade.

Nothing much more to comment on till tomorrow. So many questions are going to be answered. Well, at least for now.

All is well nothing to see here - this pattern 4 days in a row is quite normal - Wed, Thur, Fri and Mon.

Weekly SPX -

GL and GB!

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