Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Morning Charts 05/29/12 $SPX

Today is a travel day for STB. I'll be around a bit in the AM and maybe at the close.

I'll spare you regurgitating all the troubles in the EU. Let's just say that things suck and are getting worse (kinda like here, the press is just not reporting on it). Let's not forget that Spain is falling apart at a rapid rate as well. Bottom line, the global financial implosion is coming and you need to be aware of that. I can't say wehn or where, but it is coming sooner than later. I have no clue of how long they can extend and pretend, but it is coming. Either it collapses on its own or they continue to print, print, print and kick the can to a point where it just collapses on its own.

It is complete bullshit. There is no other way to say it. The financial elite control the system. They control everything from the printing to the regulation. Is one of these assholes in jail? Seriously, Corzine walks the streets. Dimon, Blankfein just start the list of assholes that should be under the jail (not covering the EU pumpmeisters that belong there as well). Shall we address out corrupt bought and paid for special interest serving government? Let's not and say we did.

This crap make me ill in my soul. Here we are the day after Memorial Day, one of the most honored and important holidays of the year and we have to come back to this shit. Screw them. Our fathers and forefathers did not serve and give their lives so we could be run over and robbed by a greed and power driven group of elite assholes. They did not fight and die so we could be a bunch of spineless entitled pussies either.

It's gonna crack soon. Their system will shatter and then the aftermath of that will be horrifically ugly. There will be no or little access to cash and food and the "everyone always gets a trophy" crowd will be up shit creek without big brother there to care for them. My only hope is that we remember where we came from, honor those that fought before us and stand up to the elite and take back what it rightfully ours.

I'm ready to self sustain and sure as hell hope you are.

I'll be watching from the phone today. You can enjoy the continual rumor driven MSM pumped bullshit markets without me.  I'm pissed. I've had enough. I'm over it. The can all kiss my ass. The elite are going to get what's coming to them. We will prevail. It is gonna suck. The purging that we all must face will be biblical, but it is necessary to restore balance and to recapture our nation form the scum that runs it now.

As for the charts - For what it is worth -

SPX Daily - 

GL and GB

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