Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Watch The Cops Haul Ass

I'd say the people Iran are slightly pissed off. At 2:00 the tides turn. Wonder if they got away or not. Nothing like 2,000 rock and pipe humming pissed off people charging maybe 50 cops. LOL. Dumb ass cops are throwing rocks back at the protesters. OK, give the pissed off crowd even more of a reason to come get you. Freaking stupidity. LOL. RUN AWAY. Maybe I'll begin posting more vids from Iran, so we can be prepared for future similar actions in the USA.


  1. If the GS and C bonuses/pay raises go through while millions of people are losing their homes and getting thrown out onto the street...
    then I predict you WILL see that here. The difference is we're strapped baby.

  2. All the Wall Street banks need to be dissolved. They have not learned a thing in 2 years.

    1. Less transparent
    2. More corrupt
    3. They only make money now by manipulating the stock market which is not what banks should even be allowed to do.

    Funny video though. These Iranians need to learn how to riot, LA style. Netflix them over some LA riot training DVDs.


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