Monday, June 22, 2009

/ES At The Peak

Most of you have noticed my buddy S135 harping on the channel down. I hope when he leaves a link you check it out, cause it is usually something worth looking at. To appease him (and to add further validity to my fall here theory), I am posting an UPDATE of my /ES channel down charts. Yes, I see the dominant channel. I believe in the channel, and at this time the channel supports my argument for the turn here in my last post. But, alas, all channels are made to be broken eventually and what always seems so obvious, whether it be a Shanky Square (TM) or a Kenny Dot (TM), may not be the thing.



I'll add one more channel. The big one. The 50% line is at 825 kind of near my target. I think the 847 level and the 100ma is the stopping point for this fall.


  1. OK, I may have to rethink if you are now starting to agree wih me. That always happens to me!! Grrr...

    Anyway, an updated channel chart. I'm teasing you with a valid count just to bug you buddy.

  2. S135 - I've been following this channel for a long time now, You have seen me post this exact post before. I'm into the channel thing, but believe it has a chance to get broken thru manipulation and unnatural market actions.

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