Thursday, June 25, 2009

Having Problems Connecting To My Blog?

Got this message from flyfar on K's site -

"Shankster -- While on the topic of whining ... what's the problem with your blog! Very difficult to connect ---all I continue to get is the framework! This occurs both in trying to connect from other blogs (k/dano) or going direct by typing in your adress. It ain't my pc either...your site is the only one I have any problem with. Only occasionally you missives/charts show up. What's the matter. don't like sheeple? f"

I was not aware of any issues that exist and apologize for any inconvenience.

Please send me an email ( or leave a comment about connection issues if you have them. As you know this is Blogger and I have little control, but can fix certain issues. If anyone has any "tips" they use those are always appreciated as well.

Thanks a bunch flyfar for the info. Greatly appreciated!

GL today.


  1. Shank: No problems on this end! Keep on making those short term predictions that differ slightly from K and Dan! I love em. Lunch money on the way soon!


  2. Never had a problem. Shanky what do you make of this huge pop on bad news? Surprised the absolute hell out of me...


  3. K has us going lower and I have us going higher. See my first three charts in chartbook. Just like my post from yesterday - a case for both ways - by all reasons it should be headed lower but is not. JPM and GS playing with our TARP $ and a loaded deck.

  4. Blogger websites don't work for me anymore in Explorer. You open up fine in Firefox though.

    Whatever the issue is, it's Blogger/Explorer and nothing you've done. The problem is common and a recent Blogger/Explorer "improvement".


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