Monday, June 8, 2009


(If you want to skip the rant and the foul language there are two good links at the bottom) -

At some point you just want to throw up your hands and yell out WTF! When is this bullshit gonna end? So did you notice another 3:30 rally? A note to the manipulators, if you are gonna do it let's get back to the good 'ol days of 300 point moves in the last 30min and no one will complain any more. At least make them tradeable.

Let me preface this piece by saying that I am content and have been playing both the long and short side of the market as noted here, so I am not a frustrated permabear investor. I am a frustrated American that has the common sense to see thru the wafting green cloud of stench that has been laid to throw the scent of the hounds chasing the prey.

CNBS and the multitude of manipulated rags around the country are simply screwing the average investor. Over the past few weeks talking to individuals (lawyers, doctors, professionals) around town I get the impression that they (90%) HAVE NO FREAKING CLUE that we are about to get our asses handed to us. I try to tell them we are screwed and they look at me like WTF Shanky, go sniff some more glue and suck down two more 5hr energy drinks and leave me alone you hyper foul mouthed freak. They say Cudlow said this, Cramer says that and my advisor just loaded me up on some AAPL, its gonna be great! OMFG, soot me now (that is if you can get any more ammo cause there is a reason people are buying the hell out of it).

Why the fuck are people so damn stupid? I know that is a stupid question, but one worth asking anyway. Well dear reader, you are NOT stupid because YOU READ, YOU HAVE A DESIRE TO SUCCEED, and YOU WANT TO BE INVOLVED. Congratufuckinglations, you are in the 1% of the people I actually respect on this planet. You care about your family and education and success and to some degree proper moral ethics. It is the stupid ass MF's that sit on their asses and take things for granted (and I'm not picking on those on welfare here) that are spoon fed bullshit news and only want to hear and believe the positive spin that dominate our society that have life on cruise control are getting ready to have the wakeup call of a lifetime.

Well folks, the land of the "FREE" is about to become the land of the "EXPENSIVE". The free ride is over. The rally is almost toast then to deflation and then inflation. They have pulled off this pumped and dumped, short squeezed, dilution filled, accounting frauded, PPTed driven rally and have the sheeple believing in "change" again. Boy is this gonna hurt. Like a 10ft enema sans KY I tell ya.

Ignorance is bliss! ROF LMAO. Ignorance is gonna take it up the ass and like it! Not me and not you baby! We give a damn and as bad as things get at least we, the ones that attempt to see thru the green shits, have a chance to put on our protection so we won't get the governments STD's. At least well have the KY in hand when they come tax our carbon foot print.

Glad I got that off my chest. Thanks.

Now, The Big Picture has a great post on "How to Fix Financial Television" that you need to read and participate in the comment section.

And Tyler at ZH has this evidence to document the PPT player JPM jacking up the market today. Sad when they don't even bother to hide it anymore.

UPDATED LINK - What really pissed me off today was Obinhood telling the Supreme court to go to hell and like it in the Chrysler case. This is really bad and indicative of times to come. From ZH - Richard Mourdock's Take On The SCOTUS Decision

CPC cracked downtrend line today.


  1. Feel better now Shanky? ;-)

    I'm with you. I'm part of the 1% but I'm tired of it. It's exhausting to plan and worry about what retirement will be like, if it's able to be done at all if the world crumbles. I sometimes wish I could be part of the 99% and simply enjoy a couple of weeks or months of ignorant bliss. A vacation from what we know is soon to be reality.

    I took the first step and haven't turned on CNBC in a month. Life without Kudlow and his clan of idiots is so much better.

    Do me a favor, give me a call or shoot me an email when P3 starts. This P2 is killing me with it's total lack of logic and reality.

    (Used To Be Annoyed)... Actually I guess I am annoyed again....

  2. Shanky, I KNEW you would be extremely pissed. At 300pm on the money the market popped to around -90, then -70, then -50, Then at 330pm -30, -10, 10, 30 bam bam and pretty much halted in that area. Bears stepped in and smacked JPM back down the last 5 mins to almost all negative until the last min and Dow inched its head up to a +1 pt close and S&P and NASDAQ closed negative. It is amazing how JPM is trying to break them out of the technical wedges stocks and indexes are in. The only reason JPM can do this is on such low volume. How does one complain to the SEC? Is this behavior illegal or simply questionable? I am ignorant of those fine points of the law but I am surprised it hasn't raised a few eye brows in the SEC by now. Regardless, dollar is up, and oil finished flat. Chrysler sale is stayed as I suspect JPM ran it up believing a huge pop would occur on the sale. DOH! Sucks to be JPM betting on the appeal being denied. Turn around Tuesday should be interesting tomorrow. Bears seemed to do well smacking JPM down like they did. To me it seemed like a simple short squeeze ploy that shorters smacked down. Tomorrow will be another fun day. Last hour is always the best one to watch live! Loved your rant...hope you drink a cold one to destress.


  3. HA! Annoyed, you are asking your contrarian friend to time the turn? LOL. Glad you are Annoyed Again. Stick with Uner or S135. They will get you to the promised land. I guarantee you one thing. when it gets here I'll be on ST all the way down. Thanks for the visit and comment.

  4. Michael - Month end statement painting. We got more pain. As for the SEC and complaining, fuhgeddaboutit. When Obinhood tells the Supreme Court to fuck off, then laws don't matter anymore.

    I added another link above.



  5. My favorite part of this was when the solicitor general said the TARP determination was not in the purview of SCOTUS! WOW, talk about waving a red flag in front of a bull! I am still not sure if this is just a stay so Ginsberg can see what the Circuit Court actual ruling says so she can go from there OR if the full court will want to hear this. I suspect the full court may want to hear the case, and if this happens....the fiat deal is dead and GM leadership will be shitting their collective pants. That said, I don't see SCOTUS doing much with this personally.


  6. michael...sec is part of ppt. google executive order 12631.

    good post shanky. my broker has been getting calls from folks asking about "getting back in the market". thankfully, he is smart and honest and tells them that this is not the time. i keep adding to my short position and have about 40% left....if the s and p hits the upper bb (969), i'm in. i got the bb from trader jack's charts as they are pretty good. keep up the good work. deadhead

  7. Wow! Now that's a real rant! I was somewhat shocked though, thinking this was G rated. Humm, I guess freedom of speech includes dirty mouth. At any rate, I equally agast at the brazen market pumping that always seem to follow the Great Pretender (fill in the current politician) speaks at noon and the market responds with applause! Being 50%short and 50%cash, I too dispise any kind of tampering with free market action. Maybe we should all take the blue pill and go back to the matrix. (My comment was more civil than the rant.)

  8. TJ...

    freedom of speech DOES include "dirty mouth". No need to guess, just read the 1st Amendment and associated court cases.

    as long as what he says is not " imminent threat to the public health..." (the modern version of the previous one of not being able to falsely yell "fire" in a public venue), then he is well within his 1st amendment rights.

    I hope you don't have to "guess" any longer.

    Nothing personal mind you, just that I am one of those free speech nuts who realizes that restrictions thereof have doomed every previous civilization. good luck to you. deadhead

  9. Hey you are right on. I am now just about deadened to whatever happens in the last hour. Don't forget about that futures move before the open today. It's all so much a joke and I find myself reading sites like prison planet. Egad's but maybe it is all true. I can't figure out if I should sell a buch of old Nazi stuff from the war to buy a gun or save it for the next Civilian Obumer Core .

  10. Damn Shanky! lol
    I normally don't post but I can feel your rant!

    P2 will not end until this bear convinces every retail investor that the bear market is over..

    This is exactly why p3 will be scary like hell.. everybody who got on the bandwagon will be JUMPING OFF --> Massive selloff

    Keep up the good work here (also on

  11. Shanky, I think you'll really enjoy this video. Got it from the evil speculator's page:

  12. Hey shanky, I'm glad you got it off your chest too! I don't feel so alone anymore. All anyone can see is the 401k looks better (not that is still 40% from where it was in '07), and that must be good for everyone. No they aren't hiding anything anymore, almost no one is paying attention.

    Thanks for paying attention, and taking the time,


  13. OMG Anon - the vid is priceless. Promoted to blog post. That could easily be me and may provide some serious inspiration. When he broke the sledge hammer was priceless. Nice southern gentleman like me. ROF LMAO. Thanks.

    Thanks everyone for the comments. We set a record. Guess you get more rants if that's what brings in the customers.

  14. Shanky, you're rant is perfectly in sync with what many traders are feeling right now. To me, after the bullshit that's gone on day after day after day ad nauseum, it's just unbelievable that anyone can be so fucking stupid as to not get that this market is being manipulated. But they exist! I swear there are people on StockTock who just need to be garroted with piano wire they are so stubborn and idiotic. I finally had my fill of the ostrich-head morons on that site and closed my account today. I will find somewhere else to hang out. Love the I'm Back video--very cathartic.

  15. Just because you've called it wrong doesn't mean the market is "being manipulated"!! It's you who have manipulated yourself into thinking that the S&P should be going in a specific direction. Get a grip!

  16. I've got a grip as disclosed in the post. I am a frustrated American, not investor. As for the manipulation, if you don't see it you should look again.

    Thanks for the view and comment,


  17. I love the video. Most, if not all of it 100% true.


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