Tuesday, June 30, 2009

At The Top Of The /ES Channel Again

Pretty self explanatory. This is the bear market channel I have shown before for the /ES. If it does bust it, 938 will be the line in the sand IMO. Is the painting of the statements over? The high this morning at /ES 926 touched the channel line on a 1m chart. 60m SPX bounced off of the 61.8% retrace from the 956 top. 60m indicators on SPX are overbought.

The dailys still have some room to run up. Taking out the 927 high was a big deal, but I don't think we take out 956. This move up (if it continues) should set the indicators on the weeklys for a pretty strong fall. I would not be surprised to see the manipulators drive the market thru this trendline on low volume holiday week. Either the 60m continue to embed and the dailys run their course up or we have a minor pullback here.

GL trading.

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From ZH - Confidence-Market Divergence Accelerates "The last time we got a -2.42 standard deviation between confidence and the market, things got real ugly, real fast."


  1. thanks for charts shanky....deadhead.

    ps...would like to hear your comments on the zh "confidence-Market divergence" of -2.42.....
    thanks again and good luck.

  2. Shanky, I respectfully disagree that the trend line will be broken. If you saw...the S&P popped up and hit the high for the left shoulder and then promptly dropped. We have the head and shoulders pattern now and look for a severe drop if the neck line at 880 area is breached and closed below. Next 7 days ought to be interesting....



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