Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This is Crap!

They used to call me Dr. VIX. I read it like a book. Did not look at it once today, because it is on so many of my charts. Uh, how did we miss this one? Thanks to someone on Kenny's site for pointing this out. Talk about a RED FLAG. CNBS was all over this one, wrong. The freaking game is RIGGED. Now go read my post below. I'm gonna go throw up.


  1. Thomas, what's exactly your opinion about that? Why no data for almost 15 minutes?
    By the way I believe you draw nice charts and sometimes you have god ideas but I can see (as these last days) that instead of trading market signals you trade your opinions or expectations. While myself I think that there are too many wrong things outside there, at the same time is undeniable that SPX is rising in jumps with strong volatility breakouts together with high volumes. For the moment I wouldn't try shorting it. If I can ge your email maybe we can exchange ideas sometimes. Thank you.

  2. What do ya propose was the cause (reason behind the curtain) for that vix flatline???


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