Monday, March 23, 2009

Back test flashback

OK - I'm having a flashback. Remember when we left wave 2? Remember the backtest at 943 top? Go look at your chsrts. Remember your angst. Remember when Annoyed was annoyed? this is what I am thinking now. The backtest of the rising wedge. Gap fill at 827 and then 840 to 850. From there you will get the bigger fall. Indicators are all bullish and the govt intervention BS combined with the false enthusiasm surrounding (supressing) the truth will take us higher IMHO.
Good luck.

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  1. Hi, I got yourr link from stock tiger chat. I see very good stuff here, now question is, where do I see your trades entry, what is your stretegy? Reason, I am good with technicals now and I see lots of good folks out there, but I want to see how there trades are doing, that is timing and stretegy. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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