Friday, May 29, 2020

Morning Charts 05/29/2020 SPX

Ever feel like a lab rat? It’s kinda bizarre to be woke seeing reality watching them socially manipulate the herd. Some of my best friends are so lost in the matrix it’s sad. I know people that watch cnn and believe it. We talk, I offer red pills but they’re refused because they’d be socially outcast if they dared to cross the conspiracy line. Where the fk people’s heads are is beyond my comprehension. Maybe cause I’m med free and eat/drink clean for the most part I’m not under their control? Who knows? It’s prolly cause I DGAF what anyone thinks. It’s wild to ponder society. Sad actually.

Uh, the world is pretty much a dumpster fire if you have not noticed. Deep state doing their best for total collapse. They want everyone enslaved. Good vs evil.

On to the lie -

That was quite the close yesterday.  SPX 60m 20ma is now the default first support point. There is a wedge that’s finished with some neg divs, and then there’s a larger rising channel as a result of the last breakdown, but does it matter?  Be a robot and follow the Fed.

IMO they have to come after the market again if they want to take down Trump. I’m fully expecting another FF. Maybe war this time. I will say everything they’ve done so far to Trump has been an utter failure. Almost like he knows what’s coming?

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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