Friday, May 8, 2020

Morning Charts 05/08/2020 SPX

Flynn and the related partial release is a huge win against the machine. May be a small one, but it’s something. Durham has got to get a move on. As Ingram said last night, if Biden or whoever they run wins, all this trash gets placed right back in charge. That’s a horrifying thought.

China’s control over the rest of the world is astounding. Based on all we’ve done. All we’ve given. What a bunch of sellout ingratiate fucks.



On to the lie -

Unemployment numbers worsen today. That’s gonna reverse soon. How long it takes to get back where we were is the big question. I still contend if Trump re-elected, and he’s not JFK’d, we become even better. Of course the next globalist attack/pandemic is on deck and ready to go. It’s a shit show for power. Good vs evil. I’m still gonna hold out hope we got a few glorious years left in the tank. If not, we will revolt.

Again, the bond folks were always the smartest in the room. Always foretelling of future market movements. Are those days gone as well?

Technically - I’ll keep this short. It’s not good near term. Nothing screams collapse or doom, but a correction is due and things point that way. On the other hand, you must, as we’ve said for many years, follow the Fed. It’s a rigged game. Check your brain at the door. Nothing has to happen.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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