Monday, May 4, 2020

Morning Charts 05/04/2020 SPX

They really got a lot of people freaked out over this wuflu virus. If you are compromised or over 60 or approaching it (OK, I’ll leave us out of this criticism) maybe you should be scared (if you live in a nursing home). If not though, tough shit. It’s a cold. Get over it. Personally, we’re are war. War has casualties. Get over it. The pampered, self absorbed pussy class that all got trophies when they grew up - we called it - ya bunch of sissy ass, whiny, all about me fucks need to grow a friggin spine or STFU. But muh rights they cry! Let’s just hope we have enough of them with balls that actually dropped to man up and fight back.

I’m fucking near the danger zone, but I have yet to put on a mask. I wash my hands a little more than I used to. I’m more careful about what and how I touch things, but I should have been anyway. Bunch of nasty ass people walking around out there. I’ve not stopped going to the office or anywhere else I wanted. Hell in the 70s I grew up playing in a creek in Atlanta BEFORE THEY TOOK THE SEWAGE OUT. Fing whiny ass .... my old and grumpy is starting to show. Fuck!

Holy crap! If I went on a real rant it’d be about 3 novels I’d guess. I’ll spare y’all.

Bottom line is we’re at war. Good vs evil. We’ve talked about it for years here. Get your shit together. Do what you got to do. If you’re gonna sit at home and be scared you’re part of the problem. Don’t be. Go live your life. Don’t be the sheep they want you to be. If you are, they win.

On to the lie -

If Dow goes south of 23,500 could get interesting. The daily 20 is just crossing the 50 working its way back into bull mode setup. Interesting the turn. SPX made the 61% retracement on the number. Dow was short. SPX 60m 200ma is 2705 and rising.  Prior support is 2735. I’ll get into more details when I get to the office. If the next virus doesn’t kill us all the Fed’s spending will.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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