Thursday, May 28, 2020

Morning Charts 05/28/2020 SPX

Man is there just masses of screwed up stuff going on everywhere or what? World is going mad. Hope we can get back to normal. If not I wish you the best! Zombie apocalypse in 5,4,3...

Good vs evil

The beauty of STB used to be my Charts. Then they rigged the pos markets, and they lost their luster for predicting the unpredictable. BTFD made my shit somewhat irrelevant. Bout 2012 I got on the Follow the Fed train and the rest is what it is. I have moments of excellence but it ain’t the same game. Now the beauty is the community and commentary below. Y’all really are the shit.

On to the lie -

The market is in its own parallel universe I’ve determined. Yup, whatever the fuck is happening in its reality ain’t happening here. I thought we’d determined that hope is an abstract term lacking results? I can see, with full recovery and Trump re-elected a soaring market till the next political hack/plant is elected.

Price is through 3k on SPX, in the clear IF it can run. Two weeks ago price was one ma from utter bearish position and now it stands above all ma’s. What a difference. Apparently the deep state can’t or won’t or it’s the last resort, use the markets against Trump. I’d expect another attack by or in September. I believe that’s when Fauci or someone let it slip the next pandemic is going to hit. This is war. Trump and the USA faired far better than anyone thought, so we will dance again I assume. Till then, party on Garth - Heather be thy name.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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