Monday, October 31, 2016

Morning Charts 10/31/2016 SPX /es/BOO!

Happy Halloween. The good news is that tomorrow I can begin my annual bombardment of daily Xmas fun. Other than that, we gotta hold out breath and make it to the election. PPT doing all it can to hold 2120 and protect the mafia boss' potus run. that's fading and could let go any moment. Only fed speak is important now outside election news. Get ur popcorn, gonna be an interesting week.

On to the lie -

The most important chart of the day - One that at least has meaning and is rooted in something real.

SPX 60m - Gonna keep pounding this descending triangle pattern. Why not? It's there, it's following a massive rising wedge breakdown and targets key s/r at 2064. I'm still gonna hang on is they somehow but it up thru upper resistance. If that happens I will assume it to be a last gasp desperation move to save a big move south.

SPX 30m - 

Freedom watch -

Where to start here? Oh boy? Well, there is hope again with FBI probe, and Assange is not done yet. My real fears lie in a JFK of Trump or an outright steal of the election. I'll reiterate, they can not let him win.

More to come below. 

Have a good day. 

GL and GB!

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