Friday, October 28, 2016

Morning Charts 10/28/2016 SPX /es

It's so bad out there right now I'm just not gonna cover it today. Again - the market is the distraction. It's not real. Well, it's real, it exists, but valuations are a pure fairy tale. We're about to allow a criminal to steal the white house and become the most powerful person on the planet - that's fucked up. There are far more important things than this farce that's gonna get vaporized one day soon anyway. think war. Been discussing/questioning when it would come for a few years now. They need their cover for all their crimes (and we're at peak crime right now). Wake up sheeple.

On to the lie - 

SPX Daily - Rising wedge (that was rebuilt and expanded multiple times) has broken down. Hanging on to the only support 2120. Forming possible descending triangle that perfectly targets 2064 support. Not saying it's gonna happen but the technical set up is really nice.

More to come below. 

Have a good weekend. 

GL and GB!

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