Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Morning Charts 10/18/2016 SPX /es

early post

Gonna be messed up today as I have been ordered to take LS2 to get his liscence this morning.  The good news for the blog is this should be he last time driving the children anywhere should interfere with me being here.

On to the lie -

That HnS on the SPX 5m could be an IHnS now. Not sure but consolidation above 2120 is the law now. 

SPX Daily - Small pos divs at lower BB and other support as they fight to keep the collapse from happening.

Freedom watch -

Our future at risk - Students told term ‘be a man’ represents toxic masculinity. So "man up" ain't happening anymore? I got news for STB readers - man the fuck up and do what you can to stop this insanity.

More to come below.

Have a good day

GL and GB!

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