Friday, October 14, 2016

Morning Charts 10/14/2016 SPX /es

I may just move the Freedom Watch section of the blog to the top. Why not? The news at the bottom of the post is usually far more important to all of us than the news at the top. 

Speaking of news, how it's reported and how long we'll be able to attain real truth is truly up in the air - Obama Urges Press "Curation" Needed As Trump Plans New Attack On New York Times. The Orwellian nightmare continues to become reality as our trip down the rabbit hole deepens. 

HA! and news reporting/control is just small fries - small fries? LOL - yup, the real plan is global enslavement and domination - DON'T LAUGH - What Exactly Is Agenda 21?

On to the lie - 

SPX 60m - Stick save at 2120 - who coulda seen that one coming? Possible falling triangle forming which only points to 2120 going down and the target of 2064 s/r - well, that's convenient - especially technically. Let's see what the Fed's got.

Have a good weekend. 

GL and GB!

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