Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Morning Charts 04/28/2015 SPX /es

OK, we got AAPL behind us, so the markets can now be unleashed to do what they will. Of course things have not changed with QE (anywhere in the globe) being the main driver. why did the futures dip? Simple, Failed Chinese Local Bond Offering Leads To PBOC Easing Confusion.

On to the lie -

Sideways action or a drift to the south leading into FOMS was my thoughts yesterday, and that appease to be what we have happening. You're gonna have to wait for the FOMC now before any real market moves happen (unless that is Fed speak of course).

SPX Daily - The wedge, the channel, the DoD, the double top, the ATH and all the negative divergences - 2062 is key support.

Freedom watch -

Do not ignore this - Baltimore streets fill with National Guard troops 15 police injured, 2 dozen arrested in fiery night of rioting.

This is Ferguson all over again but maybe worse. If you have not figured this out, police brutality is the issue and we're not gonna accept it. This means we have a will (suppression) vs. will (freedom) environment. The police have been militarized to prepare for this, and now you see why they want our guns. 

Now consider Jade Helm and start connecting the dots. Connect all the dots I've tried to point out over the years. I hate to say that it appears we're nearing the end folks.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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