Monday, April 27, 2015

Morning Charts 04/27/2015 SPX /es

This is a good place to start, Key Events In The Coming Week: April FOMC And Q1 GDP. It's nice to at least know when some of the propagandist equation will arrive. As for the multitude of spontaneous just in time crud they spew, you are at their mercy. 

And what is more important than knowing who or when moar QE will be infused? China Considers Launching QE; Shanghai Stocks Soar

And you always need more fuel for the fire - the Fed sees this, the CB's see it, the IMF and BIS see it - Is This A Blow-Off Top? Four Ways To Tell.

On to the lie - 

See the charts from late last week if you want more of the devastating setup that exists at this time. 

SPX Daily - New ATH and the severe negative divergences that I told you would come with the spike. The STB bull/bear line cross works again. They are batting 1000% on the cross of a 61% retracement of every major fall to battle back to a new ATH. Now, is it time for another black vertical overthrow line on the chart? Can they pull off the impossible again? Again, red critical wedge support and black STB DoD resistancenot far under red wedge resistance and LT channel resistance - price is trapped. One of two things will happen - they blast price into orbit here or wee get a 5 - 10% correction and then QE4 comes for the final stage of this manipulated market run.

SPX 60m - The wedge.

Freedom Watch - 

Not on a Monday, Mondays are bad enough.

More to come below. 

Have a good week. 

GL and GB!

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