Friday, April 3, 2015

Morning Charts 04/03/2015 SPX /es

Early post - 

Good Friday! Thank you Jesus! Uh, word to God, we could use a lot of intervention bout now .... anytime ur ready .... bring it.

On to the lie - 

For literally years Ive had two charts that I thought had a great chance of timing the top.  Ive really had 4 keys, these two charts, the STB event and QE4. As good as my 2118 short trade was, it may still not be the top, but then again there is that snowball's chance in hell.

SPX Weekly - Saved by the Bullard call, this one had a real chance. My weekly indicator support trendlines all failed. The VIX positive divergence is there. The first real correction started the week of my prognosticated point. Alas, Bullard came and screwed it all up.

  SPX Monthly - Every great General has a backup plan! Here the April Fools point has been on this chart for years as well. The same indicator support diagonal theory holds here as well. Add Cycle timing to the weekly charts abuse and the neg divs on this chart screaming disaster, maybe this one will get it right. If not, I have no plan C other than run like hell.

SPX Monthly - and the longstanding STB target chart. I have not and I will never move that target box. At this time I believe it to be conservative. If I were to move it and go for a narrower range I'd not adjust the time scale at all, but I'd adjust the top and lower end down about 150 points.

Freedom watch - 

I have not read this, but after all my dire warnings and my post yesterday, It prolly melds well. What Would Happen If Martial Law Was Declared In America? Actually, it's prolly tame compared to my view.

More to come below. 

Best church music weekend of the year. STB luvs him sum Easter tunes. 

NCAA tomorrow is gonna be awesome. 

Masters next week is gonna be even better. 

Flowers blooming and spring has sprung. 

Have a great holiday weekend. 

GL and GB!

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