Friday, April 17, 2015

Morning Charts 04/17/2015 SPX /es

Easing/QE, it is what makes the world go these days, so we keep an eye on it and all announcements surrounding it. You can only laugh when stuff like this is pointed out - Is This How The Bank Of Japan "Signals" It Is About To Boost QE?. Front running your own manipulation? All you can do is laugh.

"As Bloomberg reports, BoJ stock has surged almost 30% in the last few days on very heavy volume... the previous 4 times we saw spikes in price and volume, Japanese authorities eased significantly in the following days."

Greece - pay attention.

On to the lie - 

Running thru some time frames - looks very toppy. fed speak yesterday was inconclusive meaning confusion still reigns. Markets don't like confusion. But, they have things under control with everyone knowing the Fed has the market's back and QE4 will come one day. 

SPX Monthly

SPX Weekly

SPX Daily

SPX 60m

SPX 10m

Freedom watch - 

Coming on the back of yet another large ammo purchase (62 million AR-15 rounds) by the Feds (since they can't get the guns they will just take the ammo), and since we speculate on elite plans - you may want to read this - Signs That The Elite Are Feverishly Preparing For Something BIG. We've all been pointing to September for various reasons as a potential end point, maybe things are starting to come together.

How much longer will STB be allowed to broadcast its intolerable rants against the state? How much longer will we have freedom of the internet (or speech for that matter)? We often discuss all the built in on/off switches they have in place. See  ‘Bloggers’ Compared to ISIS During Congressional Hearing

"As linguist Noam Chomsky said, “The idea that there should be a network reaching people, which does not repeat the US propaganda system, is intolerable” to the US establishment."

More to come below. 

Have a good weekend. 

GL and GB!

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