Thursday, March 5, 2015

Morning Charts 03/05/2015 SPX /es

Cause no other commentary is necessary this morning, ECB Keeps Rates Unchanged, QE Details To Come Shortly. All you can do is react, unless you got a set big enough to frontrun your preferred direction.

On to the lie -

Well my 2118 short made it a week. That's right, 7 days in and I'm still holding and positive on my trade. ECB and market actions this morning will determine if I continue to hold or not. Odds are good that I'll not trade it for profit over prosperity.

SPX 15m - The first HnS we were looking at played out nicely. Will the next larger one play out, or do we get the dreaded RS ramp job?

SPX Daily - Just an observation, but recently after a spike in price when it falls back under the 13ma it is usually not a good thing.

Freedom watch - 

China Has Announced Plans For A ‘World Currency’ -

Here is a post I linked back in 2010 - Bancor: The Name Of The Global Currency That A Shocking IMF Report Is Proposing

Which currency you hold one day will be a vital part of financial planning.

Guns are bad, MK - Six-Year-Old Child Suspended For Making Gun Shape With Hand

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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