Thursday, February 26, 2015

Morning Charts 02/26/2015 SPX /es

Straight to the lie -

I shorted yesterday at the top. I did this for the usual reason, it was so technically out of whack that I had to. This is the third time I've publicly shorted in the past couple of years, thus I don't just do it to be doing it. One worked out really well and the other lasted about a week. Both were virtually killed by Fed speak. I've been discussing a top call as well, which I don't take lightly either. I may be early, and I will exit if necessary. I've said I would not mind if they run this over 2130. That's quite possible. This would only improve my setup. 

Bottom line is I have been warning since calling the August top that everything has been continually deteriorating economically. The market is ignoring/covering up this treating bad news as good news. This can not last. Everyone is nervous, and a nervous market is a twitchy (volatile market). 

Volatility indicates tops. I believe the Grexit deal has given them a 4 month reprieve to get their exit plans finalized. We could be in the final market window.

At least since last summer I've been warning to take your profits and run, run all the way to cash in pocket and purchasing physical with this cash. I'll reiterate my belief in that scenario at this time. this is akin to beating them at their own game. Take their false fiat profits out of their dollar and turn something fake into something real further damaging their control system. 

SPX Daily - Everything is ready but the BB width. They could not narrow it enough for real action. The fact that we're getting this pump outside of a narrow BB scenario is a bit off color.

Freedom watch -

Well, I've been warning you for years about this. It's all part of the UN Sustainable Development plan and total takeover of everything. I'm not kidding when I say that Disqus may be a pure NSA front, STB has a handler, that everyone that visits here could be put on a terrorist list or that STB could be "off air" moments after this bill is passed. Just another bill that you can't see what's in it till it is passed. How that work out for us last time? Republicans Fear Net Neutrality Plan Could Lead to UN Internet Powers 

Remember I've warned about your pension plans and 401k plans being confiscated - is this rhetoric from the VP something that you really want to hear? Black History Biden: Veep calls for 'emancipation' of people's wealth

Please see - Gun Owners Agree: Don't Trust The ATF's Ammo Regulation. This is the final step in the takeover plans to be implemented. Based on where they are here, the grand takeover may still be a few years away. 

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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