Thursday, February 19, 2015

Morning Charts 02/19/2015 SPX /es

I've been harping on how bad conditions are for years, how they've become worse and since August how they are becoming almost unmanageable. I'm not sure how long the Bad=Good scenario can be played out, but they sure are milking it for all it is worth. See this while markets sit perched just under freshly printed ATH's -

"February alone has seen 29 data items miss expectations (from retail sales to industrial production) with only 4 data points beating expectations (including the constantly revised nonfarm payrolls data which so many hang their hat on)."

That's just domestic unraveling. The data points across the globe are terrible and trending in a direction that does not promote optimism. Oil? Copper? This brings us to the Grexit discussion. I'm not going into this in depth, you can read all about it all over the place. I personally see little reason to analyze it to extremes. Why? Simple, we've covered it for years, Greece has been a financial conduit for the global central banks for years.

Greece is like a global money laundering hub financing the central banks around the globe off the books. Why else would they loan Greece more money than they can afford to pay back in 4 lifetimes? Why would they continue to pile more debt on top of an already unsustainable situation? To save the EU is the preferred line of crap they spew. Wrong! They needed a covert funding mechanism. Now they've bloated their golden calf to a point it's about to explode. 

This Grexit problem is more than the Greece's debt issue. It's about global central bank funding and bloated global debt that can't be hidden in the shadows any longer. Greece can not be discarded and they won't be. If Greece is not rescued and allowed to leave the EU, then Spain and all the other financially oppressed countries will immediately follow suit. We've been here before and will most likely be here again next year. They will threaten disaster and then cave to save the EU as they always have and will.

The EU can not fail. Think global governance, NWO, Illuminati and their plans for a one world government. The EU is a core ingredient in the unification of the globe, and this union can not be undone. 

They will keep Greece to prevent the union from splintering. They have to keep everyone in line with the coming global disruption. We're already in active cyber and currency wars, and a bloodier conflict is coming. This is not a time when they need to be shunning allies and having them align with the dark side, nor can they be eliminating a major funding mechanism.

On to the lie - 

I'm actually looking into swinging a short again. I've tried this twice in the past year or so, one was really well timed and the other got screwed by BOJ intervention. I will wait for the Greece drama to end and then make my decision.

SPX Daily - Primed and ready with everything technical and economically in order for a major correction or worse, if only the central banks cooperate.

SPX 5m - Busted support and bactesting with long neg divs after a double overthrow. She's way overbought here. Course, when did that matter?

SPX BP - Just continues to worsen. 

More to come below. 

Have a good day. 

GL and GB!

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