Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Morning Charts 05/06/14 SPX /es

Just a few charts this morning -

SPX Weekly Indicator Chart - She's breaking up right in front of our eyes. Those cracks in weekly indicator support are more than telling. When the weekly chart decides to get its house right that usually means a very large move south. In this case they can't afford any move south, so it's a battle between natural forces and manipulation now.

SPX Monthly LT Cycle Chart - Pretty simple. There are monthly negative divergences, in an overbought market, at historic highs and no I have not nor will not adjust the target box. Just follow the indicator support diagonals to the yellow boxes. We are out of time.

Minis 30m - Green rising wedge into upper falling blue channel resistance. Inside all of that a yellow rising channel showed up to the party. It ran to blue resistance and failed there. Price is now backtesting busted yellow support at blue resistance which makes for an exceptional turn point.

Minis 4hr - A larger view of the above. Battle with upper blue resistance. Who's gonna win. the green rising wedge or falling blue channel? We will know that answer by the end of the week. As I've said I like down but fear up. STB has been all over the market for some time now, but we're hitting a point where big decisions will be made. Blue resistance gives way and new ATH will be in the cards. If green fails and blue wins then eventually new ATL's will be in the cards and the top is most likely set.

ToS SPX Daily - Just a real clean look at it,

More to come below. Most know what I'm thinking. They either have to ramp it here or they need a massive fear inducing correction. I like down but fear up. I'm in wait and see mode. We should have the answer this week.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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