Friday, March 21, 2014

Chartapalooza! 03/21/14 SPX /es gold copper usd/jpy dollar UST and more

No new news and I have little to say that has already not been said. Markets are more controlled than Crimea right now.

SPX Daily - Holding the most recent overthrow of negative divergences (ignoring reality) but working on another set of negative divergences.

Minis 4hr - I'm not sure what price is doing here. Some sort of channel/wedge thingy just under ATH and the round number.

Minis 60m - More on this in the comments section below - Lost and wandering in the desert right now. Possible IHnS breakout. Possible 1888 target if so.

VIX Daily - It's not that obvious is it?

TBT Daily - One of my off the radar favorites that I don't ever discuss. Been watching this one for years and plan on making a killing in it sometime soon. Patience may pay off soon.

Dollar /DX - Is it about to collapse? That HnS may have something to say. Target $74 if so.

Gold /YG - it is either breaking out and backtesting busted resistance or it's about to nosedive to 1138. Just buy physical with cash while you still can.

UST 30yr /ZB - Can it go up forever? One of these days (possibly very soon) that support is gonna fail.

USD/JPY - Resistance is futile!

Copper /HG - HnS and now LT support failure - Targets lower LT diagonal support near $2.

More to come below.

Have a good weekend. Enjoy the NCAAs.

GL and GB!

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