Thursday, March 6, 2014

Morning Charts 03/06/14 SPX /es

Can it really get any worse that it already is? Well, some would say, what's so bad now? Others may say, how'd it get this bad? STB sez to the dreamers quit dreaming and to the believers, yes, it's going to get a lot worse. We're headed over the cliff into the abyss if we don't find a real leader that can take this situation by the balls and squeeze really hard.

I've been discussing the mounting problems for just over five years here at STB. I've never wavered from my positions one iota. What to some at the time appeared to be moronic conspiracy laden rants and ramblings, these posts have almost all come home to be truisms. I can't take all the credit though for my accuracy. I had a lot of help and some really easy calls to make. Why was it so easy? Who helped?

First I'd like to thank greed, corruption, self-adoration and the God complex. Without these wholly innate traits that lie in every man in woman on capitol hill and on Wall St., my calls would have been much more difficult. Feel free to add your own adjectives here, those were just some low hanging fruit I plucked in a hurry.

Next, I have to thank the Central Banks and Helicopter Ben. When you control the printing press, have absolutely zero accountability and no threat of reprise for your actions, well, hey, let's party! If you do not know about the BIS, please educate yourself.

Let me thank the current administration. So many angles here. Where to start? How do I briefly manage this clan of characters? So many! Let me start with the pathological lying potus, move to the inept judicial department and finish with the BLS. Short list, again, like above, add your own favorites here. With a leader that lies to your face,  a judicial department that enforces TBTJ and the BLS that paints any economic picture that's desired - are you kidding me? They give me layup call after layup call.

Let's add to the above the NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, TSA and IRS. We could include the EPA and FCC and a few other meaningless agencies (Education) that do little more than leach off the American taxpayer, but let's not for now. I have to thank these groups for enabling the corrupt Fed and lying administration. Without these groups spying on and intimidating every pertinent player into submission things may be quite different.

I'd like to thank the multitude of lobbyists out there. They have bought and paid for Congress (literally every aspect of DC). They have assured that our government now serves special interest groups over the people (sheeple). 

I have to thank the SEC and the CFTC (and, again, name your favorite here) for their love of porn over regulation.

I'd like to thank every potus from Lyndon B. Johnson to now. They allowed the secret societies and military industrial complex to become the dominating forces they are today.

I'd also like to thank whomever killed JFK. Without you, none of this would be possible. The Fed would not exist, the dollar would be worth a dollar, the judicial system would be, well, judicial, and our country might still have a sliver of morality if you had not eliminated the last potus with hands large enough to squeeeeze the units of the system.

Lastly, I have to thank the MSM, FCC, Hollywood and congress. Congress for making propaganda legal again. Soros, Murdoch, FCC, et al for their misleading the sheeple day in and day out. Hollywood, well they do a fantastic job at glorifying and conditioning us for what's to come.

Not on the list but are things that assist in driving the above are the UN, the IMF, the CFR and Agenda 21. Please look into these groups as they are at or near the top of the control group that runs the show.

And some wonder why I'm one of the few left standing that has not called a top? Really? And some wonder why I wait on my "event" to come that will finally end it all?

Buy in folks, we're headed off the cliff. Even if some real leader should arise and overcome the antichrist that's in control, we're going to have to go through the fire to be purged of our excess and sins. A total reset is in order here. We've lost every ounce of morality. We're all so self absorbed that what we believe and see is nithing more than a mirage (or Matrix).

Either we find a real leader with balls bigger than two moons, or we're guaranteed to live in a socialist state where we lose the Constitution and the freedoms that we were given by God. Simple as that.

As for my calls and prognostication? I think I'll continue with my near perfect track record. It's easy if you just pull back the veil and see reality. Of course you may not want to do that, what you might see on the other side might literally scare the shit out of you.

On to the lie -

Minis Daily - Four perfect technical tops that have all been overthrown. The worst and first was in January of 2013. This is where it all should have ended folks. Everything from this point on in nothing but a lie. They can't ignore the technicals forever, and when this ends, and it will, POOF goes everything.

Minis 60m - SSDD, nuff said. Riding under upper yellow channel and pink wedge resistance here stressing every ounce of the system. I am looking to enter a short, but lust looking. I'll let you know below if I do anything. Ukraine has a great shot at being my "event".

More to come below.

Please vote in my poll above if you have not.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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