Monday, October 14, 2013

Morning Charts 10/14/13

Sometimes people need to be repeatedly told about certain truths till it finally hits a nerve. I hope that some of you that have been on the fence for years are finally having the revelation that I had around 2007. That was when I finally crossed the line from conspiracy theory to conspiracy reality. That was when I finally left the world that I was taught was right, I left the box, the matrix, and I entered the harsh cold world where good guys don't always finish first.

Since the signing of the Patriot Act it's been a long downhill slide for liberty and freedom. If the current administration and congresses' actions from signing the NDAA into law to the Veterans War Memorial shutdown don't have you convinced that we're rapidly moving to a totalitarian state you are a lost soul. You are not a true American. You are a leach.

Sadly the the largest leaches are in control. The biggest, darkest, slimiest, most disgusting bunch are at the top setting the example for their hoards of entitled that follow them. If you can not see their attack on this country, that they're hell bent on destruction, their attack on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, you need to wake up now or else.

We're all gonna be moved to hit the streets in protest soon. The second epic war for personal rights and freedom is in front of us. You will be either moved or called to stand up and rally or possibly even fight for what is rightfully yours soon. You will have a choice to make. Either stay in your comfy home with your iEverythings and TV and chose to let the socialists take everything from you while you're apathetic ass sits there, or you can take the hard road like your forefathers did. You would not have any of this if a few brave men did not stand against tyranny a short few hundred years ago. It may be time to pick up their banner again and start marching.

On to the markets -

Minis 5m - the Bull/Bear line I've spoken of is at hand. Friday STB remained calm as this line was breached, but it has reasserted its self this morning for now. The fall to red diagonal critical support and the 1447 level nailed my second target for the fall. Now here we are back at the critical bull/bear dividing line with Team Manipulation attempting to sizzle the shorts again. Critical here cause of 1687, 1695. 1700 and the 61% retracement of the move off the top. This is it. It's a war zone. They've taken back 1687 sadly. but the war is still raging along that front line.

Could this be the classic second top or 2 top that I want to seriously short into? By retracement and resistance it works. By form it's not the best wedge or the best 3 or ABC move to convince me. At this time I would not rule out a buy the news event for one last bull trap and then the collapse comes hard and heavy. Of course they have to throw a gap in there. Honestly, I would acknowledge its existence, but I would not worry too much about it. When this things really let's go the gaps that are to come will make Letterman's front teeth blush.

Team Manipulation/Desperation remains in total control and don't you forget that. Nothing HAS TO HAPPEN. Remain patient and diligent. Keep powder dry and don't get too one sided quite yet. Remember they are literally in control of every tick till they aren't. They are desperate and we've all see what they are capable of when backed into a corner. Just look at last week of the bottom for an example of that.

More to come below.

Enjoy the week.

GL and GB!

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