Monday, October 28, 2013

Morning Charts 10/28/13 SPX /ES

To put it all in ridiculously simple terms, the rich actually believe they are getting richer, and the Fed has everyone fooled that all this is real by keeping the markets inflated via printing funny money. So another FOMC week and we can expect moar of the same. They've proven that they can't taper, so there is only one way to go now. As we close in on the event horizon, since we can't possibly turn the ship around at this point, we shall print till we cross into the black hole. 

We're so far past ridiculous at this point that ridiculous can't even be recognized. It's quite obvious at this point that the death of the greatest economy in history is rapidly approaching. It's blatantly clear that our democracy is dying, and a socialist state is attempting to rise. This brings the questions, can you have a stock market in a true socialist state? Do you have pension plans in a socialist state? Do you work for anyone other than the state which owns all? Do you technically own anything in a socialist state?

Their only out left is the $19 trillion in retirement funds held by the citizens of this country. They will come for this sooner than later. This will be their last out, and it will mark the end of our democracy. They will make their move after a horendous domestic false flag what will more than likely involve a nuclear device. They are planning greatest theft of wealth in the history of the planet.

This is where the NSA, CIA, DHS, TSA working under the Patriot Act and the NDAA come into play. This is why the current administration has removed 11 high ranking military officials that will refuse official orders to fire on American citizens, and they are replacing those with ones that will. This is where the FEMA regions, governors and camps with re-education centers (which are being staffed) come into play. This is where the implementation of the UN's Agenda 21, the North American Union,  and population control begin to come real.

Screw the markets. They are no longer important. They are the distraction to reality at this point. You need to be focused now on saving your ass, and the only way to do that is moving out of the markets and out of the dollar into real assets. Tangible, useful, barterable, edible, drinkable, shootable assets should be your main concern here, not this POS lie they call a market. The crash will come, and you can't eat stocks and bonds. 

On to the lie - 

In August of 2012 I warned that we had entered a period of unprecedented market manipulation. Anyone questioning that call now? The big question here is can they take out the SPX upper long term bull (in a bear) market resistance line (blue in the below chart). They've managed to do this on the RUT. 

Minis 4hr - Here we are seven days after the 1762 STB point that was noted back in August. The only STB points above that are left are where red support meets the resistance diagonals pink (1776 in February) or blue ( 1840 in April). This could mean that your upside from here is 100 points and your downside risk is pretty much limitless. 

Minis 30m - They now have to hold the busted upper pink channel resistance at 1740. Note the void below that diagonal. 30m 200ma could be key here. 60m 200ma is even more so as it lies on 1740.

SPX Daily - It is what it is.

More to come below. If you did not see the comments section in the OWP (or any day for that matter) it is an incredible source for virtually every article you would want to read. RC, DC and others have linked up every relevant post you could want to see. Thanks for the effort folks.

Enjoy the week.

GL and GB!

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