Friday, October 11, 2013

Morning Rant 10/11/13

Well it is about damn time someone went to the streets to raise a little hell. Welcome Trucker Friday! I hope the protest is well represented that it sends some sort of message to DC. The Veterans march is on the 13th. I can't wait for them to get turned away from their memorial.  Secession talk is serious and growing from sea to sea as is people wanting to resign their citizenship.

Shall we take a quick look at the Drudge headlines this morning -

and to top it off -


Americans Have Never Been More Dissastisfied With Government

I could not agree more. This begs the question, do you think anyone in DC really gives a shit what we the sheeple think? These bums are in total takeover mode. They could care less. It's all about power and the petro-dollar now. I used to reference this quite often, but do you think our forefathers would have fought and given their lives if they knew it would come to this? I bet they are rolling over in their graves calling us a bunch if sissies right now.

If you have not figured this out quite yet, all this talk of takeover and a corporate controlled socialist state, you know that same stuff I've been bitching about since day one on this blog over four years ago, it's real. Yeah, it's VERY real and you better wake the hell up to what's going down.

From the Patriot Act to the NDAA it's all been downhill, and their cleptocracy is only gaining momentum. We're being turned into debt slaves and they are becoming kings. The saddest part is we're just rolling over like some lazy dog.

Let me get this straight, we've got some punk pissant potus acting like a GD 6 year old holding the nation hostage cause he can't get his entitlement ways and people actually support this SOB? His Gestapo police force is removing handles off drinking fountains in national parks and holding citizens hostage shutting down parks and taking global travelers and citizens hostage in hotels. They are shutting down roadside viewing of national monuments. Screw this!

The nanny/police state is here and if we don't d something now we lose. Some of us are finally starting to wake up. We should be beyond mad as hell at this point (I am already). It's time, for if we don't act now marshal law will be here before we know it. Most importantly, you have to fight now for your children and grandchildren, cause if we don't stand now, their futures will be little more than serving the state paying off this ridiculous debt.

Go to your windows, streets, computers and social media now and let them know you are mad as hell and you are not going to take this anymore.

On to the lie -

What market? Farce, joke, fantasy - if you still have any money is a brokerage account you are playing with fire. Hell, if you still own dollars you have little more than worthless paper. They are going to take it all if we don't stop them now. I wonder how far we will let them go before we finally act. I'm so pissed off at the police force and federal law enforcement officers for enforcing half this bullshit I can hardly see straight.

Markets - friggin BS is all they are. A lie, one big ass lie to make you think you still have wealth and prosperity. We were mere points yesterday from losing it all then out of nowhere a 50 point ramp in the minis and a 330 DOW day. For what reason? Cause we're gonna print more and expand the pile of debt that even out grandchildren's grandchildren will not be able to pay off? Cause they are going to give us back the handles on our water fountains? This is bullshit. They had yet another stick save manufactured in the nick of time just as they always do, and of course CNBS just oohs and ahhs over it like all is well. Just pisses me off to no end.

I'll cover more of the technical stuff Monday and below. My second target off the top was met and then whammo to spike. Predictable? I've called the last two tops and falls to a T, and I'm no brainiac. Just follow the Fed. Know they can't let the markets fail. Know they will come to the rescue. When they are ready, it will fall and then it will all be over. At this point it looks like my call for an "event" out of "their" control to end it all is what it will take.

More to come below.

Enjoy the weekend. Novel idea - why don't you take the time this weekend to write your representatives and let then know you are mad as hell.

GL and GB!

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