Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Morning Charts 02/06/13 SPX /ES

National Signing Day for all you CFB junkies out there. At least we have something that will keep us entertained today instead of having to watch another Fed induced BTFD bear trap. How UGA lost the #1 player in the nation from Georgia is beyond me. May your team do well today.

Even CNBS is getting in on the beware a top stuff with Traders Search for Trigger (Sound familiar? More like a catalyst?) to Insider Selling Surges. I guess with DOW 14,000 even some of the market pumping bimbos over there have to do a little CYA just in case. That must be a p-poor existence to have to write BS government propaganda all day. Talk about needing gun control, I'd blow my brains out if I was subjected to that horror for a job.

What better to mark an impending top than The Worst of Subprime Returns? Hey, don't be pissed at the TBTF's, we're the stupid F's that let them do it. Care to look at our most recent voting record as a nation? Care to look at the two "choices" we had for president? Nuff said I think.

Wait, the entitlement crowd needs some props. They are so fortunate that they got O. They are not only going to get their guns taken away, but they got dinged heavily with a new tax (for the rich remember), their new Ocare is going to screw them, they all have more surveillance drones flying overhead, NDAA, the DHS now has 7,00 new assault rifles and over 1.4 billions bullets, their new data center in Utah is going to now everything about you and track your every move, your Constitution is being destroyed, and they are all about to get chipped like some friggin dog. Congratulations all you lazy ass dumb fucks riding the gravy train, I guess it is worth it. Talk about back stabbin?

As long as they keep us divided they win. Maybe, just maybe he'll piss them off enough where some sort of middle ground can be discovered by the sheeple. HA! Stupid me to think that the self-serving Amerikans would ever put something as important as their liberty and freedom ahead of their own personal interests.

On to the markets -

It is what it is till it isn't. The POMO gravy train rides like the wind with $85 billion a month of your and all future generations earnings and tax dollars funding the farce. Nuff said there as well.

I wait on my catalyst.

Daily SPX - The pop yesterday only made the recent divergences even worse.

CPC - Nasty. Really nasty. Continual decline in strength and a triple divergence? This could get really ugly.

SPXBP - Setting up for the worst fall ever. Just like the price charts a one to two year negative divergence to price says something bad is coming. Like really bad. How out of hand is price to BP? Just look below.

Minis 30m - Rolla costa - yo love - say what? Rolla costa  oh oh oh oh. Watch that 30m 200ma at the round level and that pink support diag below near 96. (or old school Soul Train version dig the bell bottoms and Afros - classic)

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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