Monday, January 28, 2013

Morning Charts 01/28/13 SPX /ES

Running with the pack. I believe this will about sum everything I have to say up in one tidy little package. And I will quote from the clip below," Nature in her infinite wisdom spares a few."

MP had a nice spot from Hussman on heard mentality in the OWP comments section this weekend. Last week ZH posted on the subject as well. Others have posted links as well recently. Fortunately the rational readers here at STB get it, and I believe we will be the few saved by "natures infinite wisdom". As for the rest, let their greed and ignorance bind their certain doom.

SPX Weekly Short -It is what it is and what it has been. The run can continue, but only as long as they can fund it. One day the Fed's check is gonna bounce and that will be all she wrote.

Minis 30m - 1500 finally hit on the minis. Dig the divergence. Upper blue channel resistance just above. How far can they push it till they break it once and for all? Yes I still like 1467 to 60. As a matter of fact my CNBS app on my phone has glitched a few times over the weekend and read 1460 - a sign from above? Not sure, but strange it should happen.

Have a good week.

GL and GB!

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