Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Morning Post 01/9/12 SPX /ES

Minis  15m - Here are your hot spots for today

Minis 60m - Believe it or not, that is a 60m chart. Volatility? Volume? Where did all the action go? Once the FC was resolved (ramp on left), it all ended. Gap and island gap below are in gray. Roughly 14 points from 38 to 24 is the gap.

Daily SPX - the TRIX and MACD divergences are now LONGER THAN A YEAR! Whoa! and worsening. BR divergence is almost a year. The weekly and monthly charts DO confirm. We're setting up for a major move south.

Folks we're closer than ever to THE top. The Fed will fight on though and manipulation rules. Shorting now is more dangerous than ever as the lioness is cornered with her cubs (Fed and the TBTF's) and is fighting with all her might. She'll run out of energy and options soon. The shorts (hyaenas I guess you can call us?) will then be able to move in for the feast. Till then we must wait patiently for them to make a mistake (catalyst that leads to my "event").

GL and GB!

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