Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Morning Charts 01/30/13 SPX /ES

One word - catalyst. Not till then. They maintain absolute control over everything.

SPX Daily - Overbought and overthrowing soon to throw up.

Minis 30m - second day in a row price tests near term green channel support. Upper blue LT channel resistance is in play now at 1502. Yesterday in the comments we went over the '07 top and you saw how important 02 was as a s/r area back then. Oh, don't forget that 15 point ramp off the lows yesterday to new post crash highs as well. This is getting beyond ridiculous.

Things are spiraling out of control folks. Tensions are way up and it wont be long till you start seeing crack in the social veneer. Listen, if you are so clueless as to miss the war that's happening right now between the American citizens and its elected officials over the gun issue, then you are blind. This is getting deep and the hole does not stop for a long, long way from here .

GL and GB!

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