Monday, September 20, 2010

Trying ...Not....To.....Rant

It is so hard to keep composure here and not totally go off on the lies and monetization while they rape and rob the middle class all to save big brother's ass (and all the GSE's including the TBTF's) so "he" can continue to be all in all to the ever growing masses of little people on the dole. this government is way out of control. The conspiracy theorists might not have had the story right but sure as hell the resulting scenarios are sure playing out to a T. This is some really scary shit. In the name of Homeland Security they can do whatever the fuck they want. Their backs are to the wall. They are desperate. They have no friggin clue how to fix anything, so they are simply flinging crap everywhere and hope something sticks.We all know that billions are sticking to the banks and nothing is sticking to the peasants.

Deregulation led to all this mess, so why don't they actually try to regulate? Well, cause if they regulate they can't manipulate. Its that simple. They can't hide worthless assets, they can't use fraudulent accounting, they can't use co-located computers to front-run every trade to scam billions for the markets, they can't steal foreclosed RE from you (or here), they can't make illegal loans (of your tax dollars) to other nations to keep their ass out of the gutter, they can't threaten you with marshal law for no reason in the name of national security (with the demise of habeas corpus), they can't do anything if they are regulated.

So what the hell do we do? We vote every incumbent out (I said every - as on both teams). We have to get the bought and paid for out of DC and get some new blood in that has a set large enough to make the tough decisions and vote for the country and not for their special interest or party. Are you paying attention to the dem's fight for life and some of the rhetoric surrounding the heated races? Just read Drudge, it is priceless, or HuffPo if you are in that camp. It is enough to make you sick, and I do believe the sheeple have finally woken up and are beginning to speak loudly about their displeasure with the government.

No one in government knows what the hell to do to fix this massive financial problem. Why? Cause no one will tell the truth that deregulation allowed the banks to go ape shit on derivatives and with fractal lending to the point that we most likely pulled 20 years of growth into the 2003 to 2007 time period. We're friggin BROKE and they can't tell you that! I think Dennigner does a fantastic job in pointing out the serious defficiencies in the government's of planning and lack of finances to handle this mess in The Only Part That Mattered In Obama's Telethon "The United States is insolvent, right here, right now, today, and The President announced it for all who cared to listen worldwide on national television."

As for the investment world tonight, Zero Hedge reads like the usual obituary for the global financial system. With Insider Selling Outpaces Buying By Over 290-To-1 In Past Week (a drastic improvement), the simplistic Divergence Update and Household Net Worth Plunges By Most Since Q4 2008, As Government Borrowing Surges you get a concise picture of the broken markets ramp for no reason. Well there was one clear reason Fed Injects Record $5 Billion Into Stock Market With Today's POMO.

Where do we stand on the takeover of pensions, 401k's and IRA's and their forced purchase of treasuries "all in the name of national security" courtesy of homeland security from our socialist government? Well' we get closer every day. When crap like CALPERS loaning $2b to the state so they can potentially become a GSE when everything collapses cause Cali can't pay their IOU's on a $19b deficit and Recently Introduced Actuarially Unsound Methods Hide Pension Mess in Illinois, Texas, Ohio; $3 Trillion Pension Deficit in Total from Mish are in your face, scary as shit scenarios cause these are real problems.

I know you are getting it now. I have found new faith in the masses awakening. Cocktail part talk has turned 180 degrees in the past 6 months.I don;t have to scream as loud, but I will continue to beat the dead horse. We're fucked as a nation if we don't act now, so please get out there and do your part.