Monday, August 2, 2010

Morning Post, SPX, S&P 500, E-mini

Minis up 13.5! Things must be just awesome. I suggest you read this and keep tabs on what ZH is posting as the fraud and manipulation become more exposed every day - Alan Greenspan: "The Financial System Is Broke". Bottom line is that the markets are manipulated, it is going to take something exceptional to make them fall and when they do the flash crash will look like child's play.

Earnings Calendar -

Economic Calendar - ISM and Construction Spending at 10:00.

I'd advise not to get to excited at the open and start chasing things out of the gate. If this 30m minis chart is any indication you should be a seller after the pop. After that I'd lean to more strength still.
The Financials are out of hand and if the $DJUSFN is any indication They should be topping soon, but have a little room left.

4hr chart - Note that 200ma above at long term resistance.
Daily chart -

As for the SPX - I am leery about the way it bottomed last time and how it is topping this time. I think we're close to some sort of major top. My targets only go up to 1140, but one should not rule out some sort of idiotic HFT driven surge. I'm watching NYMO, CPC and the ADX closely for some clues to the real top. The 60m chart below is showing some impending weakness possibly sooner than later. I think you need to have your powder dry and be ready to pull the trigger to the short side soon. It is a tough game so keep your stops tight and don't be afraid to punt a loser. GL!