Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Morning Post, SPX, S&P 500, E-mini

Not sure where to start this morning. How about, LOOK OUT! How about, one at a time thru the exits please. How about, bulltards take it up the ass (for all the times those assholes reamed us bears during the 2009 CORRECTION). How about, this is really not funny anymore. How about, we take our government back and throw all the special interest lobbies to the curb, remove the Fed, install some real regulation and restore the Constitution! I got a feeling we're about to get our final wake up call and the government will not be able to hide behind all the lies and fraud any longer. The real truth is about to come out. Oh yea, and you will be considered a racist if you complain about anything Barry has done so get use to it.

Well, the Hindenburg Omens, all those bearish posts below, all the failing economic data - we're beginning to see it all come together. Why the heck do you think I have some smiling dude selling seeds on the site? This depression is real and it is about to get a lot worse. We are YEARS form putting this behind us

/ES- minis 60m - this is the best chart I have for this morning. Price has fallen to the wedge target line (of the last corrective) and it is also backtesting the top diagonal of the fall from the highs in April. That is all good cause the market needs all the help it can get right now as this is also completing the right shoulder of the HnS.

SPX weekly, I'm thinking conservatively 950 target at this time for the first leg of the fall.
CNBS is quite hilarious this morning. Scrambling for anything positive. Pathetic. So our markets are next in line as the global dominoes tumble. Not sure how many times this makes it around the globe. I can't really speculate on what or how far we fall. Everything us premabears have been screaming about for over two years now is about to get cranked up.

So, is this the dreaded third of a third? Sure looks like it as far as the relationship with the HnS and jobs and GDP coming. I do not think this is the market pricing in GDP or anything like that. Those numbers will only add fuel to the fire later this week. Targets - after we crack the 1050 level we retest the lows near 1000, We need to get the DOW thru 10,000 as well, so expect a fight there.

GL and get your seeds and ammo while they are still available.